NEW YORK | 20 Broad Street (Renovation) | 417 FT | 33 FLOORS


Conversion-savvy MetroLoft’s 20 Broad appears to be progressing at a good clip. MetroLoft impressed me with their transformation of an old book-binding factory in TriBeCa into 443 Greenwich, a beautiful condo building. Does anyone have any new architectural renderings or any new information at all on 20 Broad? MetroLoft has an impressive track record in FiDi but 20 Broad seems especially risky as a rental conversion given it’s location next door to the NYSE and other issues. Best of luck to them.


I’m really disappointed that this horrible eyesore will not be razed.


YIMBY article w/ before pics:


I want to see it go down, just like what it replaced…

Something much nicer could go here. I’m waiting for a day that will happen.


At a minimum, replacing that horrible facade would have been nice.


It would be nice to see them do the same thing they did at 100 Park Ave, or better. That job seemed fair.


20 Broad’s exterior looks like it’s going to be horrible. Most of MetroLoft’s rental conversions still look like office buildings from the outside. In other words, they look awful. 443 Greenwich is perhaps the one exception and it’s a beautiful condominium building IMO. But most of their rental conversions look terrible from the exterior and seem like a blatant attempt to cut costs by creating an inferior product, which is a shame.