NEW YORK | 2 Penn Plaza (Renovation) | 412 FT | 29 FLOORS


It’s still a placeholder… A more lucrative placeholder. Let’s not forget that the superblock in which 2 Penn Plaza stands, has over 4.2 million sq. ft. in total.

2 Penn Plaza today (1.619 million sq. ft.) is using about 38% of the total available air rights.

Something really important will be built there one day. Not just yet.


Blue glass overkill in that area.


An important article earlier this year highlighted a bigger issue with this sight: MSG is halfway through their special use permit and have done nothing in terms of preparing a move.

They haven’t bought property, filed any permits, or even made any proposals. Nor do they have “any comment” about the situation.

Seeing as they’re supposed to be gone in five years, one would expect that they would be starting, or at least be close to starting, construction on a major site at this point.

I remember reading a comment where their chairman said “MSG isn’t moving anywhere.” I don’t think Vornado and MSG see these as placeholders, I think they’re calling the city’s bluff. They’re going to try and stay put, and hope that a new city council, mayor, and governor cave. Meanwhile, Cuomo has been using the word “renovate” more and more often in regards to Penn Station.