NEW YORK | 2 Penn Plaza (Renovation) | 412 FT | 29 FLOORS


back to the reskin per the RealDeal.

““It does not appear that that plan is going to go forward and is feasible,” Roth said. Instead, the company will renovate the tower, give it a new facade and add 300,000 square feet near the base.”

the state, the city, the mta, amtrack, the Department of Transportation or someone needs to eminent domain the whole Penn station site already. no more lipstick on pigs!!



ugh. :frowning:


Exactly. No more patch jobs on this area. Everyone from the governor to the mayor to my grandmother knows exactly what needs to happen already.

Bulldoze all this crap and finally build a real station with a master plan. This whole area has been forsaken for far too long.


Renovation Construction is supposedly starting 1st quarter 2019


The busiest transportation hub in the worlds capitol city and this is the best they can come up with??

Come on NY, where is you sense of pride? Peacemail designs are never good.


Clean but yawn.


at least Penn Station gets a bigger entrance for the projected increase in passengers … oh wait nevermind


This is what happens when a cheap company (who only cares about short term profit) holds the happiness of hundreds of thousands daily commuters hostage.

This situation is why I’m a huge advocate of imminent domain. Just take away that land already NY and build something for the people :man_facepalming:


Yeah this is a sterile turd sandwich.


Absolutely. The whole site should be under eminent domain .


Here is what I think needs to happen.

The city need to come up with a plan for the people (without private interests involved). Once that plan is finalized by the city and signed off on, Vornado can either decide stay on and help finance the project or get bought out and give the land back to the city. Vornado should not be able to have any involvement other than deciding (yes we want to be a partner) or (no we want to cash out). Something that effects so much of the public should not be subjected to the trappings of a private enterprise.


The state of NYC transit and infrastructure is disgraceful. Potholed roads, rubbed out crosswalks, dirty and gross subway stations, frequent delays and shutdowns, construction sheds everywhere you walk.
Even the new subway stations are just (for now) cleaner versions of the same thing, they didn’t add any safety features or major aesthetic improvements.
The mayor, the governor, and the head of the MTA need to visit London, Singapore, Shanghai, etc and realize that other cities - including ones thousands of years old — are doing it so much better.
Your plan makes sense. They should have never renewed the lease on MSG, it’s insane that they even considered it. But redeveloping Penn and the Port Authority? The way New York government works it’ll take 20 years once they’re truly serious about it.

P.S. Amtrak is the biggest joke of a rail system as well. Good luck even finding a station that has WiFi in it, most of them haven’t been updated in half a century!
Just today:

Source: Bloomberg


And we waste $700b a year on the military.


This is a festering mess
What a dissapointment
The US is so confusing to me, capable of wonderous accomplishements impossible anywhere else in the world and yet at the same time capable of garbage like this and the whole penn station situation.
A mess


What I don’t get is how did one group build something beautiful like Hudson Yards a couple blocks away but this is the best Vornado can come up. When they literally the most premium office space in the city.

Real estate is all about locaton location location right? How can you build something so uninspired when you are almost guaranteed to make a profit on the best location in the city? It’s mind boggling how cheap Vornado is being during NY’s 21st century renaissance.


There was a show a while back called Tactical to Practical that highlighted how much military technology ended up making it’s way into every day life that was pretty interesting (the internet and GPS come to mind). So in that regard I don’t think the Military budget isn’t a complete waste. I also think most of that money isn’t really lost because it just ends up creating jobs and most of it goes back into the economy.

That being said I do think that private companies are quickly outpacing anything the military can come up with these days. Just look at AI and cloud computing for example. So in that regard I no longer think military spending is as beneficial for society as it has been in the past.

Todays public funds however would be better served if those funds went towards infrastructure. I think the amount of jobs it creates and the unseen benefits it would have on society by far make it the most beneficial way to spend public money. I work in marketing and know full well how far the “wow factor” can go towards making an impression for your brand. And NY’s “brand” could use all the help it can get when it come to Penn Station. Because right now the prestige of Grand Central and the embarrassment of Penn cancel each other out.



Completely ridiculous.



Turning the tank blue and adding some bulk doesn’t change what it is


This redevelopment is insultingly dumb. So much potential to improve the third busiest train station in the world and the final plan is, “make it blue.” Fine job indeed boys :roll_eyes: