NEW YORK | 198 East 135th Street | 2 x 250 FT | 2 x 25 FLOORS


NEW YORK | 210 East 135th Street | FT | FLOORS (2 towers; Bronx)

Looks like a change of plans. 2 towers which look just as tall.


Hopefully this will start a new building spree in the Bronx. The area around Yankee Stadium should be upzoned its got subway and MNR access


I can confirm that this project is in full swing. Excavation work is being done currently. I have no photos. Also, the area right between third avenue bridge and Willis avenue bridge will see more development of new buildings and it looks like nycfc’s stadium might be built there as well. This is a huge improvement for the area!


say it with me, it’s not hard. South Bronx. South. Bronx. WTF is SoBro. Same amount of syllables. :smile:

NEW YORK | 210 East 135th Street | FT | FLOORS (2 towers; Bronx)

Cheskel Schwimmer lands $75M construction loan for SoBro towers

Another high-rise apartment project is ready to go vertical on the South Bronx waterfront.

Cheskel Schwimmer’s Williamsburg-based CGS Developers closed on a $75 million construction loan from S3 Capital Partners for the pair of rental towers spanning 237 units he’s developing at 210 East 135th Street, the lender told The Real Deal.

“There has been lots of activity in the area from both private owners and large institutional developers,” S3 Capital co-founder and principal Joshua Crane said.

Schwimmer bought the vacant lot for $15.47 million in 2015 from Storage Deluxe, which three years earlier sold the large self-storage facility it had operated next door to CubeSmart for $68.23 million in 2012.




this is U/C, we need to get some eyes on!

The property is located in the Mott Haven neighborhood in the Bronx. Construction is ongoing and foundation work has been completed.

The sponsor, Cheskel Schwimmer of CGS Developers, has successfully been developing properties in the New York City area for over 20 years.