NEW YORK | 19 Park Place (Tribeca Royale) | 252 FT | 21 FLOORS


Demolition taking place after Friday’s collapse.


Didn’t they already sell all those units? How can the buyers tolerate all this? Nobody has moved in yet


Well no one really plans on an abandoned building spontaneously collapsing.


I didn’t mean this collapse in particular so much as it’s been completed inside and out for fifteen or sixteen months and yet is still unoccupied…


Ah. Gotcha.

Agreed! It’s baffling to watch. One Beekman seems to be progressing almost as slowly. I can’t wrap my head around the economics of it. Every bit of delay must cost the developer money, even if they don’t get sued, and surely that’s a risk, too. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a resident waiting for your unit.