NEW YORK | 19 Park Place (Tribeca Royale) | 252 FT | 21 FLOORS



Watching the paint dry…


More of that blue stuff. I assume something will then cover up the blue? Hopefully.



We really need a law against buildings of a certain height with huge, blank cinderblock/concrete sides. I don’t care if it’s fake windows… something, anything other than this.

In other news, they’re finally enclosing the mechanical floors at the top.


They’ve aded some new metal bars to the side. I hope this is just the start of framework for a nicer treatment there, and not the final design.


Those metal bars are actually handrails for what is purported to be Manhattan’s first ‘vertical’ pool.


LOL! :smile:




Wow, took them 1 year and 8 months


Oh thank jeebus they’re putting something else on the sides. It’s just cheap, plain gray metal panels, but it’s a big improvement.


Thank god!




Slowest development in NY history. Slowest 21 floor tower ever.

Just look at the first post date.

I’ll quote:

On-site signage gives September of this year as the planned completion date, though that would seem slightly optimistic given the current state of construction; a 2015 target is likely more realistic.

Must be a typo: a 2150 target is likely more realistic.




This is finally wrapping up at street level.





I dream of a day when I could move this to complete. This has taken way too long. You’d think it was a mile high tower given the timetable for this thing, but its tiny.

Looks like pretty much interior work/finishing touches are occurring. Thus, it shall be moved.

About time!