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Construction Update: 19 Park Place


19 Park Place

After a stop-work order paused construction last fall, construction has resumed at 19 Park Place, which is now edging above neighboring structures. The site’s developer is ABN Realty, and the architect is Ismael Leyva.

19 Park Place

19 Park Place will eventually stand 21 stories to its roof, and the tower will be entirely residential. While the project would have had the opportunity for minor local prominence, that chance has come and gone; since construction resumed, Silverstein’s 30 Park Place — located directly across the street — has also begun its ascent, and already stands taller than 19 Park Place’s eventual pinnacle.

19 Park Place and 30 Park Place

Recently approved permits indicate slight changes to the development’s composition, and it will also be slightly taller than previously reported. 19 Park Place will now rise 252 feet rather than 232, and the number of units has shrunk from 29 to 24. Both modifications would indicate the site is shifting towards an even higher-end product, with generous ceiling heights and an exclusive feel to the building positioning it at the head of the ‘luxury boutique’ market.

Blurry On-Site Rendering

On-site signage gives September of this year as the planned completion date, though that would seem slightly optimistic given the current state of construction; a 2015 target is likely more realistic.


June 1


Construction Updates: 19 Park Place


19 and 30 Park Place, photo by Colin Miller

At the bottom of Tribeca, on opposite sides of Park Place, two very different buildings continue to rise.


In the foreground of the shot sits 19 Park Place, previously dubbed the Tribeca Royale, designed by Ismael Leyva and developed by ABN Realty. At 252 feet and 21 stories, it isn’t that tall, but its very small footprint makes it stand out: it sits on an elongated, 150-feet-deep through-block tenement lot, with just 25 feet of street frontage on either side.

19 Park Place, photo by Colin Miller

Each resident of the 24 condos will have one of the massive circular balconies that define the project, and Curbed says asking prices will “center around $19 million.”

The lot was made possible by a rare combination of circumstances, and a building with such proportions is not likely to be repeated too many times nearby. The site sits outside of the core of the downtown central business district, so it was never joined with other lots for a skyscraper. But it’s also generously zoned, to a maximum floor-area ratio of 10, and lies outside of the historic and special use districts that blanket the rest of Tribeca and would prohibit such a tall, modern building.

Both projects will test the reach of the downtown ultra-luxury market, as Park Place sits outside of the most prime area, and the surrounding neighborhood arguably feels more like the Financial District or Civic Center than Tribeca.

Regardless, completion of 19 Park Place is expected by 2015, and 30 Park Place will wrap up by 2016.


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The thing is taking forever to finish, it seems.


It’s turning out nicely though.


Forgot about this lol.


Me too, anyone have a recent pic of this? Is this completed? It seemed this had been kind of dragging on for a while.


It is dragging on forever. I’ve never seen a building built so slowly. These are from today. Still not done.




Has work stopped on this? I haven’t seen any progress in a long time.

And can we talk about the awful blank cinderblock walls on this? Yuck. This one is even worse than The Beekman.


I think they only have a few people working on it? Every phase of this project has been incredibly slow.

Here’s the site in July 2013:


This thing is a disaster


Right? Maybe they’re holding out for those three 5 story buildings to the west to get demoed so they don’t have to bother with the cladding.