NEW YORK | 19 Dutch Street (118 Fulton) | 758 FT | 63 FLOORS


It really is. After taking a whole year to drill the pilings, they may be trying to make up time.


Wasn’t there a project on Nassau around this height? I don’t remember the address.


Yes. 75-83 Nassau. It remains stalled. No progress in months. The sidewalk sheds were removed, so progress doesn’t seem imminent, either.

83 was torn down. 75 is still standing, but vacant.

81 Nassau still had a doorman / security guard in the lobby, the last time I checked. I’m not sure if that means a stubborn tenant is sticking it out?

…Or perhaps the issue is financing and the guard is just guarding the property.


Looks good.



This looks like a thicker, squarer version of Moinian’s W Hotel by the WTC.



Great update, Bro!



Looking over the render, is that a cantilever?


Good catch Tom. Tough to tell if the artist meant for it to look that way. That would be a pretty serious cantilever if that’s the plan.


Yeah- i think in the case of the render above it may just be a mistake in the artist rendering?

However, this artist rendering does appear to show a very slight cantilever on the east side.


Temporary crane installation

Photos by @Sero91ls



Nice update, Bromeister!



Nice photo! But what’s up with that scaffolding and wood on those rooftops, does that mean there will be a cantilever?


Dec 2


Yes. According to the zoning docs, there will be an 8-foot cantilever over the 6-story building next door on Dutch St.


Thank you so much! Also with all of those measurments, it’s time for a 3d model!