NEW YORK | 19 Dutch Street (118 Fulton) | 758 FT | 63 FLOORS


Well i’m not to sure, but the crane seems to be an inner climbing crane. So when the building tops out they will build another smaller crane on top that can be assembled and disassembled very easily and it will disassemble this crane piece by piece toward the street. That’s what I believe. Hope this helps.


Ah. So the type that moves up with the building, instead of just adding sections?


Yeah pretty much, but like I said I haven’t seen the crane in person so idk yet.


Does this help?


Rebar is reaching way up in the air now.


Credits: @Sero91ls He got a picture too!


Yeah its an inner climbing crane. So it will rise within and with the building.


So is there an official render for this building? I have been mixed up about the final cladding of the building and how it’s going to look. Nice feeling to see progress though!




Nice update!


Found some newer renderings on carmel’s website, including a couple closeup shots of the cladding at street level which looks good. The larger rendering of the entire building is still a bit boring and appears to be a blend of a couple other renderings we have seen in the past. I like the closeup shots though.


19 Dutch eh


Good find! Thanks!

Those newer renderings make it look like the white stripes are glass instead of the metal panels that I had assumed. That would be a big improvement. I hope that is, in fact, the material.

With dark dividers and white glass between many floors, it may end up looking much like the conversion in progress a few blocks away at 180 Water St (John & Water). That’s shaping up to look OK.

The pattern still looks downright childish, which is a shame. Just re-arranging the white vs. dark panels into different pattern could make this building look dramatically better. I hope someone over there realizes that before it’s too late.


Thank you so much for finding!


perfectly bland to fit right in with most of the financial district.


It aspires to perfect blandness, but falls short of the mark due to the stripe pattern.


This is 758’ /231m per DOB:

Date Filed: 10/27/2016

Building Height (ft.): 758
Building Stories: 63
Dwelling Units: 482


Photo by @Sero91ls


This is moving fast!!