NEW YORK | 19 Dutch Street (118 Fulton) | 758 FT | 63 FLOORS


They’re starting on the foundation now.


While this building will be very ugly it will still make a positive impact on the neighborhood in terms of supporting retail vibrancy via new residents. Combined with what’s happening on Park Row and the other eventualities on Fulton & Nassau, this is going to rapidly emerge as one of the highest-density residential areas of Manhattan (or at least, so I’d think).


I recall reading somewhere that the financial district had only 12000 people living in it pre 2001. Now, it has to be over 60k or at least will be in the next few years. Probably way more. A lot of office towers are being converted to rentals too which helps.


Yep. There were a ton of conversions after 9/11, and some new construction, like the Gehry building and Two Gold St.

Population was up to 60,000 in 2010, according to Google.

Sandy triggered some additional conversions, like 180 Water St.

But the building boom going on right now is just bananas.


Foundation work moving along quickly.


Great update, Bro.






These were taken on October 1st.

from Fulton St:

from Dutch St:



Glad to see this one is finally making legitimate progress even if what it will ultimately yield is forgettable… Fulton Street needs it regardless!



Great update, ILNY!


Crane on site
Photos by @Sero91ls


Crane goin’ up!



It’s a Rogers crane!


Great shots and updates! cheers! :beers: @Thomas_Koloski I don’t know what you mean by rogers, but to me it seems to be a potain.


Rogers and Sons Concrete, but yes, it’s Potain


I don’t understand how they’re going to get it out when they’re done. The crane is in the back corner and the building seems to go up to the property line on both sides. Does anyone know?