NEW YORK | 19 Dutch Street (118 Fulton) | 758 FT | 63 FLOORS


They definitely could have done better with the roof. The exposed tanks/mechanicals aren’t a good look and further cheapens the overall appearance. They should’ve built a crown around it.


That’s how I feel about the MSP Tower. The renderings didn’t show anything above the curved roof…

But the reality…


Ugh! I hate the exposed mechanical on the MSP Tower. (And exposed mechanicals in general.) With the exception of the western-facing side, it seriously mars the appearance of the building. Unfortunately, KPF didn’t completely cover the mechanicals on 111 Murray Street either (despite what was shown in the renders). I was in Hoboken a few weekends ago and was disappointed to see 111 Murray culminate so inelegantly.


Something happened here today. A window shattered at the very NE corner, about half way up, raining glass on Fulton St. That block of Fulton has been completely closed to everyone all afternoon. It’s an odd place for a window to break, as I think it’s right in front of a column.


I hate this tower. It’s tacky and lazy architecture.


Agreed. The best part about it is that from the Brooklyn Bridge it can’t be often seen since it blends in like a part of 3WTC. The ugly white stripes remind me of those Kaufman-esque buildings with the random lines and hashtags, but instead of concrete walls it’s a glass wall.


They’ve been making quick progress the past two weeks buttoning up the windows.


The visible BMU here doesn’t look good I agree. The one instance I can remember hearing about where it actually improved the aesthetics of a building is the HSBC building in Hong Kong’s Central. The story I heard was that Foster thought the Bank of China building next door looked like a dagger pointed at the HSBC building. In response, Foster pointed the two BMUs on the roof back at that building, as if they were supposed to represent artillery cannons.