NEW YORK | 19 Dutch Street (118 Fulton) | 758 FT | 63 FLOORS


Very nice!


Fact #1: This would be the tallest building in Denver

Fact #2: This would be the tallest building in Phoenix…by 275 ft !


From the cantilevered side:


This morning.







Nice shot, Chris. Where did you take that?


Great shots, Tec and 5b


Was via the Earthcam. Was watching the camera.



I thought maybe you were in a penthouse with a bunch of babes drinking Scotch.


IMO this building needs a better name





I’d like to see 59 Nassau at the corner of Maiden redeveloped like this.

That’s one of the few heinous major sites remaining downtown.


was there a few days ago and loved the place.
by the way. great pics, really good… i doubt that i would ever be that fearless, the highs are the thing i fear the most :smiley: whenever i’m exposed to highs my anxiety issues raises up like crazy, i had anxiety issues to the point i searched for hgh reviewer and etc. because i had to take something to calm my anxiety.
in short, anxiety and highs are big problems for me :smiley:



Love how much “fill” this tower gives

(Not mine)


Fulton St Manhattan has changed SO much in the last 20 years… Even 10-12 years ago it was a street to buy tube socks for $2 and bootleg DVDs and it had a friggin’ Blarney Stone…and OTB was a block away I think - And now there’s luxury high rises… For better or for worse… There used to be a cool Strand annex down there too which I am sure is gone :frowning: