NEW YORK | 185 Broadway | 404 FT | 35 FLOORS


I agree. It’s not bad of a design but out of place in a field of a neoclassical boxy building, ugly 70s brutalist building, disgusting black tombstone, and the new sharp-edged WTC towers when it is all curvy


I can’t wait for the garbage at 173 B’Way to come down.

“… The seller is Raymond Gindi, who is part of the family behind Century 21. Gindi has a few assets in the Financial District. Last October, he bought the two-story retail property at 173 Broadway for $38.6 million. He also owns two adjacent five-story buildings at 175-177 Broadway.


from Dey St:


175 Broadway is an 1865 Cast iron building. Not in great shape, but definitely salvageable.

It is the one thing on this block that I would want saved other than the art deco savings bank.


looks like a prime opportunity for a facadectomy. It already looks like a shell.


I totally agree. Ideally, that would be saved, but I doubt that it will be.


Nice! Hopefully they get the other lots on either side of these on Fulton. 80+k sq ft on those tiny lots could yield 400-500ft tower already.


The air rights deal with the MTA went through.

According to the article:

  1. Those air rights from the MTA were already factored into the plans, so that doesn’t mean an increase in size.

  2. It’s now going to be a residential building.


There’s a new design.


shiny trash. This looks like something that would rise in the suburbs. It does not resemble something from the financial district.


It’s not a bad design for a rental apartment building. Compare this to the Eugene at MW and we have a winner.


I disagree. At least the Eugene has a consistent facade and a more conservative massing. This abomination is all over the place. Just look at this tacky base. Actually, nevermind the base, the windows just above make the bottom look like a jail. Unacceptable.


after the air rights deal. When it rains, it pours. This is gonna happen.


This reminds me of Exhibit, a few blocks away on Fulton. That turned out very nice.


I would rather see a 900 foot kaufman here. This is actually disgusting compared to the big old building that was here and the original design.


Agreed, I think Exhibit might have fared well as a condo given how good-looking the building turned out. I especially like the lower-floor windows.


However, seeing as the luxury condo market in Manhattan has softened considerably, and with a ton of new development still to come, developers are smart to be building rentals now. That’s especially true in FiDi where the average rent is quite high relative to other Manhattan neighborhoods.


As mentioned before, I think this is quite decent. Nothing spectacular, but certainly not trash



Eh, I’m mixed, but leaning negative. That render makes it look okay, while the other one made the more slender facade on Broadway look like a copycat of the brick portion of that ugly hotel on Nassau:


it looks better in that rendering without all the glitzy after affects added, and more importantly, the stupid looking base. I don’t get the awning roof on the top setback though. Why? Surely people in the financial district would want sunlight if they’re going to get an outdoor amenity space.