NEW YORK | 185 Broadway | 404 FT | 35 FLOORS


Wow! That’s much nicer than I expected.


Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

It’s kind of clever how they made the tower look like one coherent shape, separate from the podium that clearly wraps around the subway entrance.

My first impression was that it looks small. But, looking closer, I notice a lot of visual cues and context that make it look smaller in this particular rendering.

Still… 32 floors? Isn’t that almost the height of the building they tore down? That’s kind of a shame.


According to emporis the Gillespie Building was 16 stories, meaning this is exactly double the floors; Well actually, it depends; is it actually 32 stories, or is it being marketed as that?

Either way I see this as fairly disappointing. Decent design, but I though they would maybe build over that corner parcel, or at least go taller; I was expecting it to be fairly tall but it still looks shorter than 22 Cortlandt Street. Decent, but disappointing.


Ah. Thanks for the info about the Gillespie Building. My memory deceived me. Gosh, it hasn’t even been that long!

I count 32 floors in the rendering, if you count that (mechanical?) floor between the podium and the tower as a floor.

Agree on the rest.


Are there any plans for the lowrises to the south of it? If not, Im afraid of a blank concrete wall on the southern side of the project…


Oh god, I didn’t think about that part, and I see a jagged edge fronting the other tenements rather than a curve…


Permits Pre-Filed For 35-Story Tower At 185 Broadway In The Financial District

Permits have been pre-filed a 35-story mixed-use high rise at 185 Broadway in Manhattan’s Financial District. This is the largest development filed for the area in 2018, at least, so far. The site is located right in the center of the neighborhood, near just about every major train line on the subway system, with the Fulton Street transport hub situated across the street. SL Green Realty is responsible for the project.

The 404-foot tall structure will yield 242,000 square feet, with 37,240 square feet dedicated to commercial use, and 164,600 square feet for residential use. 279 apartments will be created, averaging 600 square feet apiece, indicating relatively affordable rentals. Retail shops will occupy the cellar to the second floor, with a health club occupying the third, fourth, and fifth floors. Two floors of amenities for shared use will crown the structure.

FXCollaborative Architects will be responsible for the design.

Demolition permits have not been filed, and the estimated completion date has not been announced.


I was expecting something a tad more ‘daring,’ but 404 feet is kind of wasteful. However, like Falco said, it’s the south facade that worries me considering the chances there will be a blank wall.


I hope that the three buildings to the south of this are preserved. They need TLC, but they’re nice.

This tower is far better than I expected.


It looks like scaffolding is going up for demolition of the last old building.


You know you spend too much time looking at buildings when the first thing you notice is that 3WTC doesn’t have cross bracing that far up the southern side in the rendering.


The second building on Broadway is now making downward progress.



Great news. I dramatically prefer LM to Midtown. I think that the stretch from 43rd St to 50th St is particularly lame.


Is that the remnants of 5 Dey Street shown in center, or the tiny white nightmare?


From the Broadway side:



…and it’s gone.


My thoughts on this so far:
Design? not bad.
Razing of 183 Broadway? Pretty nice.
Razing of 187 Broadway? NICE.
Razing of 5 Dey Street? :disappointed:
Any more of 22 Cortlandt’s blank wall for an unknown amount of time? Yikes.


Anyone else think the curvy design of this building looks drastically out of place for its location?