NEW YORK | 185 Broadway | 404 FT | 35 FLOORS




This should be a residential tower.


I’m pleased that these eyesores will be razed.

Has demo started?


Our downtown dude, The Brominator, confirmed that demo has started!

Hasta la vista, baby!




Isnt that white eyesore coming down too?


Yes. The site consists of three lots:

The big one on Dey St, they’ve just started demolishing.

187 Broadway is the one that’s just about gone.

183 Broadway, next door, will come down next. There are permits posted on site for interior demolition and asbestos abatement, and they clearly say the work is in preparation for full demolition.


Thanks. That’s what I thought. I’m glad to see the two junky ones on B’Way go. This immediate area is improving dramatically with the redevelopment of Park Row and this junk.

Do you know what’s going on with that junky block on Church Street where the fire occurred last month? I hope it gets razed.


Thank goodness that the POS on the corner likely will come down!!!




Wonder what will rise here…
What an amazing location
Great potential
Praying for something interesting





You 'da man, JC!


I think they have taken down about 2-3 floors in demo on the fulton st site. Shouldnt be long now until that whole building is down then they can start construction hopefully.


I hated those two buildings on Broadway, but I’ll miss this one on Dey. It always looked fairly nice, plus it was able to survive to the modern day though everything around it came down, including a similar looking building one block over. It’ll hold a special place in my mind, but I’m optimistic something good can come out of this.


I agree


From Skyscrapercity

5 Dey Street - Approximately half height.
187 Broadway - Long gone.
183 Broadway - Still standing, judging by the aerial photo.
189 Broadway- Unaffected.


I’m elated that these crappy buildings on B’Way are coming down.