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Downtown’s starting to clean up nicely!

Unfortunately, construction sheds take a huge toll on the aesthetic and functionality of downtown, given the narrow streets. The city desperately needs to do something about the facade law already.


Man those things are annoying, especially when I need shots of a building.


There’s over 280 miles of sheds in NYC now. You could stretch them down 95 from New York all the way to Fredericksburg, VA, which is an hour south of D.C.! Some have been up for 20 years.

One person died in 1979 from a brick that fell off a building, and now the city is encased in sheds. (But of course, someone just died from a shed as well in the city last year.)
Crains and the NYT both did great articles on this.
Google “The law that created the billion-dollar scaffold industry has turned city sidewalks into an obstacle course”


There are some on Court Street in Brooklyn, such a terrible pedestrian experience. We have to work on our sidewalks in this city. They’re shoddy and getting really crowded in some areas. Around Penn Station is the first area that comes to mind, not sure what can be done.