NEW YORK | 157 West 57th St (One57) | 1,005 FT | 79 FLOORS


I’m always in favor of a light feature on these buildings so it’s hard for me to hate this. But the execution here just feels tacky. Like is this Pacha nightclub?


Yeah it looks kinda cool but would fit better in times square. The lighting on the RAMSA buildings are so much more subtle and elegant and look nicer on the park at night. CPT’s lights should look pretty nice, and 111 will look amazing I’m sure.


That lighting on the crown fits this building perfectly: another glitzy superficial - but attractive enough -architectural feature. The wavy ‘ribbons’ on the facade at street level is another such ‘decorative’ affect but on the opposite end of the building. I find it to be an attractive looking building: but not quite as refined and elegant as some of the neighboring super tall towers.