NEW YORK | 157 West 57th St (One57) | 1,005 FT | 79 FLOORS


The crown light bit is truly odd. After a spate of sightings, nothing. And when they were on it never was in the evening or early part of the night like 432 Park. The only time they were on was early in the morning before sunrise. Still fiddling around? Wonder what’s up.


Lights back on last night—and at a more business like hour in the evening. Maybe the shake down period is ending.


the red coloration is fantastically Sauron-like.

Central Park Sunset in Fall by Ben Pearce, on Flickr


One does not simply walk into One57


Can’t get a good picture with my phone but the crown lighting on One57 is working full blast tonight. The system is displaying changing patterns of American flag themes. This is the first time a sense of the potential of the system has become visible.


The floodlights on 220 CPS really add a lot more depth to the crown, almost like actual thought and foresight was put into it. Not to beat a dead horse, but the ones on 157 look like aftermarket LEDs on an old car.


Colrain–I do agree that the crown lighting at 220 is much more interesting and architecturally well integrated into the design of the building. In a perverse way the same can be said about One57. The LED system at One57 fits “well” with the building which, in my opinion, is not attractive–flashy, different, odd, and unattractive. The lighting should be in Times Square, not overlooking the august environs of Central Park.


Another sighting, looks wavy


That looks groovy.


Trying really hard to stand out.


I just noticed that this, CPT and 111 W57 have lights in their crowns. They should all look great when complete. There’s also 432 Park with it’s drums lit up too


I’m really looking forward to Steinway at night.


The crown lighting at One57 seems to be on more often recently.



looks like a fingernail


Not really very interesting—much like the rest of the building. All show and very little class.



Check out that penthouse


I think that is Michael Dell’s place.