NEW YORK | 157 West 57th St (One57) | 1,005 FT | 79 FLOORS


After all this time I thought the lighting scheme had been scrapped. I’m so glad it’s still going forward! The lit up crown will really enhance and finish of the facade with its Art Deco inspired form, hopefully this will be fully up and running on my next round to NY :smiley:

Any ideas as to why this took so long to be installed?


looking at it now, it seems they beat one57 lol





02/20/17 5:32PM


Great photo, Emo.


I posted a shot in September, 2016 when the green LED lights at the top of One57 were turned on. Since then they have never been on again. Has the lighting plan been ditched? Seems like it. Too bad.




robertwalpole–Do you have any information about what has happened to the LEDs at the top of this tower. Mighthy strange that one color should flash on for one might almost a year ago and never go on again. Someone must know what’s up.


so i saw this in a skyline video on youtube and thought for a second the lights were on but now i realize its just the light reflection


Still dont know why this hasn’t been lit



OMG. The crown lights are on at One57.


And it changes color. Don’t know what the plans are for the future but this is intriguing to say the least.


Good pics Chused. This is good to see


I think it was mentioned in another thread, but it’s pretty much One57’s way of looking at all its new friends on 57th Street and saying “hey guys don’t forget about me!”


It’s been over 2 years since they last had them on. Glad they are trying them out again.


It’s just as tacky as the rest of that building.


Look how dingy this thing already looks. It looks like an old bowling ally from the 80’s.


It doesn’t look like that in person – I think they did some cleaning work