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Construction Update: 15 Renwick Street


15 Renwick Street, image by ODA Architecture

Construction is finally making headway at 15 Renwick Street in SoHo/Hudson Square, which had been stalled for several years. Previous plans for the site fell through, and Izaki Group Investments ultimately acquired the lot. ODA Architecture is designing, and a series of new renderings are also online, giving a better look at the project.

15 Renwick Street

The first new building filings date to 2006, but the latest permits indicate that 15 Renwick Street will span 70,520 square feet, which will be split between 30 condominiums, translating into an average unit size of over 2,000 square feet. Prices will undoubtedly be expensive, and ODA’s design will certainly be unique.

15 Renwick Street

Renwick Street had been relatively abandoned until recently, but new developments are now rising on both sides, with a Kaufman-designed hotel nearing completion at 2 Renwick. 15 Renwick is just climbing above street level, but it will soon stand eleven stories tall, adding to the narrow side street’s relative sense of intimacy.

15 Renwick Street terraces, image by TURF Landscape + Urban Design

Rooftop gardens will apparently be present, and the execution of that concept seems quite similar to 290 West Street, which is also rising nearby. TURF Landscape + Urban Design has images of their work on the project, which will make full use of 15 Renwick’s intricate setbacks.

15 Renwick Street, image by ODA Architecture

Per on-site signage — which also includes a faint massing diagram as the ‘rendering’ — completion of 15 Renwick Street is slated for the spring of 2015.

On-site signage


Construction Update: 15 Renwick Street


15 Renwick Street

After years of recession-induced delay, 15 Renwick Street, on the southern edge of the newly-rezoned Hudson Square area, is finally entering the home stretch. While it doesn’t appear to be topped out – it will eventually reach 11 stories – it appears to be almost there, and has made considerable progress since June, when it had just barely poked its head above the surface.

15 Renwick Street

The original Ismael Leyva design was ditched when the downturn forced Harry Jeremias to give up the site. But Jeremias’s loss was the Izaki Group’s gain – they picked up the site for just $11 million, and tapped ODA, an architectural practice led by Eran Chen that’s been seeing a lot of work lately, to redesign the project.

ODA’s design for 15 Renwick won’t be quite as boxy as some of his others – for example, his building on Jackson Avenue in Long Island City – but it will nevertheless have his signature proliferating boxes towards the top, where the strong grid-like design will dissipate into cantilevered penthouses, which will also maximize green space.

“In the original plans, it was a glass building, a curtain wall from bottom to top, and we changed the façade, added more industrial elements, consistent with the cast iron architecture of the neighborhood,” the developer told the Observer. ODA’s new design, on the other hand, “has a more industrial finish and the apartments will all have exposed columns.”

15 Renwick Street

A sign on site sets puts completion of the 31-unit condo building at spring 2015, which seems about right given the pace of construction thus far.





Construction Update: 15 Renwick Street


15 Renwick Street

When we last checked in on 15 Renwick Street, a project under construction in the southwestern corner of Hudson Square, the building had nearly topped out.

In the two months since the last update, the façade and windows have started going up, and have reached the sixth floor. While the units aren’t set to be delivered until 2015, we’d bet that the face of the structure will be substantially complete by the end of the year.

15 Renwick Street

The 11-story building was designed by Eran Chen’s ODA, and is one of the more staid permutations of the architect’s boxy style.

Chen described the design thusly in an email to YIMBY:

The façade is a tapestry of single operable windows, 8 feet by 4 feet each, framed by deep metal with wood-like trims, depicting the vernacular of the old cast iron buildings in neighborhood SoHo and Tribeca, which connects us to our past. As the building grows upwards, the windows separate and break free against the skyline, celebrating our individualism and our future.

15 Renwick Street

The developer of the building is the Izaki Group, and they’re building 30 condos, with an average size of over 2,000 square feet.

The building is part of a broader trend towards a more residential Hudson Square, and is part of an early wave of housing enabled by a small rezoning in 2003. The tidal wave of growth is just beginning, as the rest of the neighborhood – south of the West Village, west of SoHo and north of Tribeca – was only rezoned last year.

Friendly construction worker & facade installation in progress




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