NEW YORK | 15 Hudson Yards | 910 FT | 70 FLOORS


Shed Fly Through Animation


That’s an extraordinary engineering!
Can’t wait to see this in reality! :smiley:


Pretty wild how they’re going to have those hoists built into the ceiling. From the looks of it it’s going to have to be as strong as a harbor crane.


July 27



That pic must be from even before july 28th since the hole is gone and the main tower is already partially above ground!


I could see this tower being a quick riser.




15, 35 & 55 Hudson Yards





6 months from now HY will look even more epic with this tower, 35, 55, and 30 HY all being constructed and rising at the same. It will be an incredible view.




Culture Shed


15 Hudson


9/4. Well above ground now. Some of the angled crossbeams on the base of the main tower remind me of verre.



It’s beautiful!
A nice addition to the Hudson Yards! ^^






Courtesy Related-Oxford


looks like sales are kicking off this week.

Seems like the reason they waited to reveal the “The Vessel” was to get extra attention help them sell some apartments.