NEW YORK | 15 Hudson Yards | 910 FT | 70 FLOORS


Shed’s looking fantastic!


Base work. From last week


This building might be the first to finish its cladding.



Nice shot! At first I thought they installed a surprise spire!!!




Rooftop terrace? What is this that they are building up there on the west facade? Anyone have a rendering of what this will look like? Or will this section be enclosed with the same glass so that it won’t look different from the outside?

That mast is interesting :thinking:


I think it’ll be closed by glass, the “mast” is a beam to hold the frame for the glass, which will be held by more steel seen here


I saw they were adding more steel up top to then add more glass to close in that terrace.

From a few days ago


Last of the remaining steel has been added


DSC_0127 by Fernando Ortega, on Flickr

DSC_0049 by Fernando Ortega, on Flickr




This looks very good.







I went by here for the first time in months recently. This tower is amazing in person.