NEW YORK | 15 Hudson Yards | 910 FT | 70 FLOORS


Maybe. I watched them install one and it’s like a stretchy fabric not a sturdy material. Not sure if they have further plans.



Definitely has protective film on it



This is nice, but the Corset would have been a NYC icon.


This turned out to be stunning!



IMG_0450-21.jpg by Ahmed Soliman, on Flickr




I think there’s still a film on it.

Taken today:


I’m not really sure there’s a film on it. The material they’re using is Texlon EFTE foil which is layered and air-pressurized to form stabilized cladding panels.

It’s been used before:

Beijing National Aquatics Center

(on the right, you can see the same wrinkle-y fabric before pressurization)

Canary Wharf Station in London

It’s definitely more opaque than the renders showed, and it may not look as “sleek” as the renders but it’s certainly very, very striking in photos and in person.That shimmery effect of the bubbles is already looking awesome, and I’m sure that when it’s completed the visual impact will be many-times fold than that of today. From my visit last weekend, people’s jaws are already dropping when they come upon it on the High Line.


Thanks for the clarification. Any idea if the EFTE “bubbles” will be internally illuminated like in some of your examples? That would be really dramatic.


Thanks for the explanation!


Liquid glass.


I remember seeing illuminated bubbles at night (in person and in a few pics posted here). They were a soft white light which was beautiful. I have no idea if they added the capability for multi-colored lights.


do we know when phase two will start? or renderings released?


nope, I don’t. I hope this year


They said it was supposed to be revealed late last year, I think we could see it around Summer




Photocred: @c.lilianmarlen on Instagram