NEW YORK | 15 Hudson Yards | 910 FT | 70 FLOORS


just another box


Yep! They took out all the character when they took out the corset.


The best is yet to come with this tower. Once the cladding tops out it will appear nice and sculptural IMO



Right! it won’t be long now until this building likely takes its place in the NYC vernacular as the vagina tower. :rofl:


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I remember back in early 2016 when Coach tower stood alone while all the other projects were either in prep or only a few floors high and how massive it looked.

Now it just looks like the little bro to the massive structures rising on all of it sides (except the south)


Opening next Spring, and some kind of event is happening here on May 1


I’m thinking J Lo when I see that floor plan!


Lol. :wink:




From @JC_Heights it looks like they’re taking down the yellow protective screen


Good eye! I didnt notice that.

The glass on 15 is starting to look better as there are some cool reflections on the curves high up.


There’s definitely some labia action going on there!


Robert, the #metoo movement extends to buildings.


Robert–I agree with tone99loc. You do this sort of stuff about women fairly often and it should stop. It is inappropriate both generally and on a forum site like this.


Women aren’t fragile butterflies. I work in law firms with women who go to male strip clubs, etc. They’d laugh at these comments, and they say vulgar stuff about guys. It’s all in good fun, and no one is offended. There’s a difference between joking and acting like Harvey Weinstein.


We’ll have to agree to disagree. And even if you are correct, many of your comments are still inappropriate on a public forum like this. Some like me prefer not to deal with this sort of stuff. And even if you know women who are comfortable with comments like yours many others are likely to be offput if not offended. And it’s also way off topic for this sort of forum. Stick to comments about buildings not women.


Had the chance to swing by HY before a movie this afternoon. Even though the design was simplified, this tower is gorgeous. All photos by me:


Well, Chused, you seem like a very good guy, and if you’re offended, I apologize.