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I noticed today that this little buikding is empty, as are the two small ones next door.

Something will rise there.

I just read about this site in the NYP:


This is being gutted and renovated. It turns out it’s going to be a ginormous Chick-Fil-A.


As it looks at the moment:


That’s a big improvement!

I wonder when the PoS next door and the empty lot next to it will be redeveloped.

I’m still amazed that the heinous PoS at 59 Nassau still hasn’t been redeveloped.


Eh. It’s not much like the renderings, at least so far. Beige stucco looks pretty cheap and tacky, IMHO. I hope it looks better as they finish up.


I agree, but it’s still better than what was there.

That building should have been restored, but that was never going to happen.


RE 59 Nassau st: It’s worth noting that China 59 has closed. Lease not renewed???


That’s great, but I think all of the other junk is still there. This PoS detracts from the gorgeous building next door.