NEW YORK | 143-155 East 60th St | 1000+ FT | FLOORS


Yeah I’m overthinking it. Just noticed the sky gardens on the two different design proposals.


The heinous building on Lex has not yet been acquired as per ACRIS. It must go!



It will really suck schlong big time, if these guys don’t acquire the heinous property on Lex.


Via cityrealty


All of the buildings are in some form of demo as of yesterday. 155 is completely gone and has an excavator on site. I peeked into a few others and they seem mostly gutted at this point. They will all be down soon.


Great update, JC.

I was looking on Kuafu’s website this morn. Presumably, the filthy building on Lex with the Cohen’s Optical and other crap is still fully occupied. It will be a msssive shame if Kuafu doesn’t get that corner property.



The Cohens was open last night when i walked by. It would be nice if kaufu got that one too but it doesnt look like he will at this point.


I agree. The owner is an idiot. He’s probably seeking to Shylock the developer. In the end, he will be landlocked with a crappy building.




Great photos, but it will suck if the schmuck that owns the Cohen’s building doesn’t sell. That filthy eyesore looks horrible.


demo slowly moving forward




It will truly suck if they don’t acquire the filthy eyesore on Lex.


Yeah that corner sucks.


I concur.


Most of Lexington Avenue needs help.


slow progress on demo, the old building is probably full of asbestos


This will be a total loss if that filthy POS on Lex doesn’t come down.


Channeling…It’s annoying to watch.