NEW YORK | 143-155 East 60th St | 1000+ FT | FLOORS


John Boehner!!!


Design looks lovely! And 1,240’ is like the perfect height. :thumbsup:


Holy shit where did this come out of???

Well, no one’s said it yet…

This is the Age of Ramses!

And, this means that we have reached our super tall quota for the week. One per week, that’s the goal.


All the designs are great, but I admit my tops would be Archiliers Design. It sort of has a mild twist as it rises to the top and I think it would mirror 111 West 57th fantastically along B row. hehe


Calling Samuel Beckett!!

Aug 1


I can’t wait for this landmark to be in this image!

Aug 3rd

Bonus shots from outside the Met!


No action today. Really hope something tall and slender rises here. And hopefully they build a new subway entrance or renovate that old filthy one. Disgusting. :mask:


I really hope that they buy that hideous building on Lex.



Scaffolding up!!!


Good news, but the POS on the corner must go. I haven’t checked Acris for a month.


“…Kuafu Properties, for one, seems to be heeding the warning. The firm — which is backed by Chinese capital and led by entrepreneur and former Queens lawyer Shang Dai — quickly became one of the city’s most active buyers of big development sites when it burst onto the scene in 2013. In just about 18 months, it ponied up $750 million on acquisitions including a 320,000-square-foot hotel development site on the Far West Side known as Hudson Rise (which it paid $115 million for) and an Upper East Side development site at 86th Street and Lexington Avenue where the company plans to build a 223,000-square-foot retail-and-condo property (which went for $134 million). Its most expensive buy came in 2015, when the firm paid $300 million for an assemblage with more than 300,000 buildable feet on East 60th Street across from Bloomingdale’s. The site can potentially house a condo building up to 1,240 feet, in the vein of a Billionaires’ Row tower.
But in a sign of possible market bearishness, Kuafu said it was planning to hold off on the project for now. “We acquired that asset with the next cycle in mind already when we saw that, right away,” Stephen Muller, the company’s chief investment officer, said during an episode of “The Stoler Report” in April. “And so, we levered accordingly.”
More specifically, sources said, Kuafu was wary of a glut of high-end condos around Billionaires’ Row and decided it would be better to wait until some of the excess supply burns off…”

Sep 12th


While we were all excited for this to start now, its understandable, there’s just so many developments going on right now!


The eyesore office building across the street is getting a renovation on the lower floors.


I agree, NYC. I hope that with the extra time, Kuafu is able to acquire the heinous eyesore on the corner of 60th and Lex.





Samuel Beckett would be pleased!

Oct 12th


An ssp user reminded me of this project. Just for good old sakes.

I kinda forgot about this super tall with so much going on. Relooking at, wow!!! This will be a stunner. Great work by Archilier Architects.


I’m not sure which design this is, but the location (of the render) matches the address.


I read 158 East 61st Street pertaining to that rendering above?

I wonder if its the same development?

Unless the assemblage changed to include frontage on 61st Street?

Eh I must be overthinking it to the point of fantasy. That would be way to good to have 2 x 300m structures on the same block.