NEW YORK | 140 West 24th Street | 419 FT | 45 FLOORS



unsurprisingly, Kaufman is the architect. :weary:




Not the most offensive of Kaufman’s works. Unfortunately knowing Kaufman, it’ll probably be executed in a less than satisfactory manner. Looks like a blank wall to the East. Hopefully there won’t be one on the western face.

prep work being done:


A few days ago


Holy Moly!
I didn’t see this mess and now I wish I would’ve never clicked on this thread!
Kaufman is a plague.
It looks like he specifically searched for the ugliest shade of green to be paired with the ugliest shade of red.
Its almost a gift to be able to design such hideous buildings.
Almost admirable.
Key word: “Almost”


Another Kaufman on the rise…



i’m 90% certain this has the same exterior design as the one on 28th, but with a red facade instead.



Just like lawyers can get disbarred, Kaufman needs to be disbarred from designing towers. Possibly even paying a fee to the city in the form of restitution for our suffering.

Why hasn’t Cellino and Barnes jumped on this class action yet!


Thanks. Now I cant get their jingle out of my head. Used to hear them all the time on the radio.


Looks like Sam just sold the site. Too bad it is already under construction and they will be keeping the Kaufman design. Would have been great if the Magna decided on another architect/design. Gah.