NEW YORK | 14 Fifth Ave | 367' |27 Fl


Another great scoop by Yimby!

This stretch of Fifth is stunning but for the filthy, tumor located at 14 Fifth Avenue. I’ve always hated that building. Not only are there plans to redevelop it, but the plan includes an ABSOLUTELY STUNNING tower by Stern.




ALERT: Andrew Berman, the very nasty control freak who runs the Greenwich Village’s main NIMBY group, is gearing up to unleash the NIMBY hordes on the Landmarks Preservation Commission at the hearing for this project. Anyone who is in favor of this should show up to the LPC meetings to counter him. Stay tuned on this thread for info on the meetings.

This guy stole YIMBY’s scoop and ran it on his own blog without attribution, including the exclusive pictures YIMBY obtained. And he’s making posters taking the pics out of context to scare people into opposing this project.


This was inevitable. When preservationists wanted to save the beautiful little building on 5th and 32nd, they were shot down.

The shmuck “So Low” will raze four STUNNING buildings on 57th with carte blanche and replace them with a lame glass box.

The putzes at Trinity Church razed a gorgeous old building to replace it with a lame glass box.

Ziel Friedman razed that gorgeous building on W 29th with impunity.

These guys want to replace a heinous eyesore with something amazing, and they get opposed!!

This is the same moronic thinking that wasted our chance of getting Amazon. Chicago, Philly, Atl., etc offer billions in incentives, and we offer nothing!