NEW YORK | 138 East 50th ST | 803 FT | 64 FLOORS




Good lighting on them pics!
alot different than today


not sure if i’m liking the cladding of this tower. In the renderings it looked good but in execution the terracotta looks flatter and that makes it unappealing (imo). I’ll make a final opinion once the cladding tops off. Maybe the pattern will look better with more height.


Here it is making its mark on the skyline as seen from LIC, and beyond that - the crowd favorite creeping up as well!


Nice shot, Falco!




From Flickr:

This is a really really cool angle. You can see everything!
This tower is really hard to see, but I thought it was cool to share.

Image taken by Omar Lima

Click to enlarge.









Are those buildings on the back LIC?


yes indeed!


Credit: FC