NEW YORK | 130 Liberty St (5 WTC) | 1,050 FT | FLOORS


it will be built a some point, but ya we have no idea when and what it will be. But there is no way this prime real estate lays dormant forever.


There’s zero chance of this tower not happening. The Port Authority already has the land sale budgeted. But it won’t be sold until the infrastructure work is complete on this block.


Check this news! I wonder if it’s correct! And I hope it is! Because…

"BIG replaced Foster & Parters last year, although reports last month suggested developer Larry Silverstein could still switch back to the original architect.

SOM’s 1 and 7 WTC are already open, as is Fumihiko Maki’s 4 WTC.

KPF’s 5 WTC is on hold and there is no 6 WTC.

Santiago Calatrava’s transit hub opened earlier this year and the performing arts centre, on which REX replaced Frank Gehry, is scheduled for a 2019 opening."

Holy Towers, finally a news that say about the 5WTC and the Performing Arts Center at least!
What do you all think about it?


This is an enormous site for residential!

I doubt that they’d build anything with a roof height higher than 1 WTC’s. Since there would be so many air rights, It would be great to see twin towers in the 1,200 foot range!

See Crain’s latest edition. There are no concrete plans yet, but very tall towers clearly will rise here.


From @mchlanglo793’s Instagram
The tower looks to be around 43 floors at 600 feet tall


And here’s the graphic if it was flat

Click for full image


looks decent, wish we’d get something as tall as 1 wtc though



It honestly looks like a slightly twisted chopped off One WTC.



The PA obviously does not need money.


Sorry, but don’t expect this to rise anytime within the next 10 years.