NEW YORK | 126 Madison Avenue | 805 FT | 66 FLOORS


Indeed! a tower crane was onsite when I walked by on Monday


1st floor underway. on a side note the Tasty Deli looks shuttered but the building still seems occupied, the Italian place next to it was still open.


I know year the developer acquired the little pos next to the deli (on the south). I always thought it was one, filthy building, but apparently, they’re two separate, filthy buildings


Couple floors up on the 30th st side. Still at ground level on 31st st.




That is the earliest I have ever seen those forms go up.



A view that is sure to change.


Nice shot, NYC, but what an utterly wasted opportunity to redevelop that garbage just south of the corner of 30th St.




The buildings that house Bella Napoli and that filthy deli are so horrible. What a missed opportunity.

Only in NY can they expect to sell multimillion dollar condos next to heinous rat holes.




I feel like this is gonna rise quickly





It’s really disappointing that the filthy garbage on Madison will remain. Only in NY!