NEW YORK | 126 Madison Avenue | 805 FT | 66 FLOORS


Nov 16


According to Realgraph, 130 Madison (i.e., Bella Napoli) was recently sold. I couldn’t find it on Acris, but I assume that the developer bought it.


Other than the beautiful, landmarked Georgian building, the developer owns everything in this photo except for 128 Madison with the filthy “Tasty” deli. 126 Madison, the filthy brown pos just south of 128, is separate from 128, though I always thought that they were one building. The developer owns 126.

They making progress on the little hotel on the south side of 30th St.


I really hope that the developer owns Walsam llc


Nice updates Robert, but can you please put the hotel photos where they belong. The address is 16-18 East 30th st.





Jan 10


Looks like they have dug down a bit more.




It’s a shame that someone other than the developer bought that crappy Bella Napoli building on Madison.


I’ve kind of lost interest in this project since they passed up on the opportunity to buy more of the eyesores on Madison and eliminated the sloped roof.












I hadn’t journeyed to PAS in a while. I always love seeing this icon.