NEW YORK | 126 Madison Avenue | 805 FT | 66 FLOORS


I have yet to confirm on Acris, but the developer clearly has acquired 118 Madison. It’s shown with a new facade on the rendering at the site, and the filthy bodega that occupied the ground floor is gone.

Work also is occurring at the site today, Aug. 2nd. The new design with the flat roof is not as good as the prior design, but que sera; it’s better than the junk that was there before.


Did the site across the street in 30th street finish? The hotel or whatever it is


Wow look at that construction in the last shot! :wink:

Good angle. I can really tell the curves on those safety barriers. By the site of course. :slight_smile:


Are you referring to the little hotel on E 30th next to the garage?


I thought you’d like that, Chris! I sure did!!


Yeah thats the one.


I don’t think anything is happening with it. I wonder if they’re trying to market it as a development site with the heinous garage next door.


Aug 5th


I assume they got approval to start work from dob? They must have sorted out the issues with the courtyard space quickly. Or maybe they can still do this sort of excavation prep while they sort out these issues?


I’m not sure.

I hope that they buy the building in the middle of the Madison frontage with that crappy deli and the pos next door that houses Bella Napoli.


I want the developer to get the developer to get the rest Of this junk (but for the landmarked Neo-Georgian).

Aug 10th


Aug 27

The developer owns the little brown POS just south of the little brown POS that houses “Tasty.” I speculate that they seek to acquire the “Tasty” and Bella Napoli buildings.




Looking south from 31st. Piling work is ongoing and maybe some foundation work. From this morning 9/13


Great update!


Sep 15

Construction is proceeding on the hotel across the street.


The site was very active today (10/4).


A lot of action is going on at this site. One of two piling machines is gone. Cement trucks are coming in daily and there is rebar on site. The foundation is probably starting.



I’m not as excited about this tower since it appears that they’ve eliminated the crown.

It looks a lot like Handel’s Millenium Tower in SF but with a flat roof.