NEW YORK | 126 Madison Avenue | 805 FT | 66 FLOORS


Nows thats something worthy for the area. Will complement the ESB nicely, along with the other towers planned near it.




June 16th

I wish the developers could acquire this junk on Madison. They own one of the three little buildings there (ie, the one with the metal grate in front of the store front). They don’t own the ones to the right with the yellow Tasty Cafe sign and the red banner for the Bella Napoli Italian restaurant.


Did some data mining, and fun fact, this when we factor in complete, and u/c, would only be the 44th tallest in the city IF it started construction like right now. Assuming nothing else from this point joined the pipeline.

756 feet only being the 44th tallest. :wink:


Only in NY, lads!


June 24th

This beautiful building next door is typical of the area’s architecture. There are scores of some similar gems.


It looks like the design has changed – for the worse!


Oh no! Not a new design for this tower!


I wouldn’t sweat it. That rendering is by Cityrealty.

Lol with the people who’s pissed their views will be blocked.

Memo: Views are not guaranteed in NYC.


That’s a good point.


Yep, those renderings are inaccurate and misleading.


Glad to know it!
Thank goodness! ^^


That’s good!


Wow. That would suck if they changed it. I really like the renderings with that slanted crown.

They sure did take down that corner building fast! Like less than a month and it is completely gone.


that looks nothing like an official render. its crap quality. It almost looks like they tried to make a render from those crappy DOB renders they put up at the construction site.



I’m sorry, but if the DOB is giving approvals without doing due diligence, then asfaic it’s their problem and not the developer. smh.

Once approved, no $topping work!



Hooray! I like this design very much! :smiley:


I looked at the big diagram posted at the site. I’m fairly certain that the roof is flat.

The design is decent – not great.

The old hotel next door is a beauty.