NEW YORK | 126 Madison Avenue | 805 FT | 66 FLOORS


They really haven’t started digging yet, but there are excavators on site, so I assume it will happen soon.


The design kinda reminds me of the Eureka tower in melbourne. You knwo what I’m talking about? I like the design of the crown. Simple yet efficient


May 2nd

Great old buildings Next door

132 Madison is coming down


May 16th


Looks like they aren’t starting excavation until demo is complete


That’s true


How many buildings left in this assemblage still need to be demolished?


Going by the site plan, 132 and 126 Madison are left. 132 is in the process, and 126 is still whole. It’s too bad they didn’t acquire 128 and 130.


I agree re: 128 and 130. They’re dumps.


Pretty much the same as a few days ago …


May 26th


This image is on Fosun’s website:


How interesting!


I agree, Dragon


like the location. It will stand out well here without having a negative impact on ESB.


This will be a great addition. I’m lovin what I’m seeing so far.


I agree!


I also agree! ^^



Whoa, I like this design!