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Nice PIXS Oppix56 - we can now see this building is getting glazed. I like the quality of the facade glass and metal panel sections. The architectural design is a bit bland, it needs something artful and interesting at the crown: too bad that angled feature at the top has been removed from the original design intent.


I’m saddened every time I see the filthy garbage that tarnishes this block and will remain forever.


I didnt know they removed the nice angled crown from the top. That sucks.

At least the cladding isnt 100% glass, and it seems there will be no blank walls whatsoever. It looks good so far but it would be better if they had the nice crown.


Who said that it’s gone?


I may be wrong: I only know from what I have read in this thread. There is mention somewhere above that the former angled top has been eliminated. I too am glad to see it is not a total ‘glass box’ due to the the metal panel on the facade.


Found the new on the elimination of the crown - see post at about 98/188. I assume that remark refers to the angled top on the original design.


I think I got that from one of your comments above in this thread. BTW, were you one of our regular posters on the Wired New York forums - I am trying to find which of my former WNY friends have migrated to this forum.


It wasn’t clear to me if the angled roof was eliminated, but YIMBY said that it wasn’t.

WNY collapsed when Lofter stopped posting. I assume that he died.


I though that WNY way a great place to follow NY Architectural developments: too bad it just faded away - for whatever reason. I find this forum to be just as good, perhaps better, because you get the commentary, the photos, the updates; but very little contentious an pointless debate. The regulars here are a more congenital group. I plan to follow as much as time permits: great forum. I do think Lofter1 passed - wondering about Zippy, Turtlebay, Edward, and many others who’s name I do not recall.


I think wny was before my time. We definitely have a great group here now.


Yes, the regulars are posting great photos and commentary - I now follow this site, and field condition. I will try to post some photos too. I took photos of a construction site at the far west end of 23rd street, at 11th Avenue. I need to check to see if there is a thread: if not I will start one. Good to meet you all; terrific group.


Maybe it was this one?


Yes, direct hit on that JC - thanks. I have several good photos of the excavation currently in progress. The site preparation seems to involve extra work because it is so close to the river: maybe some water table underground wall, or deeper foundation footings. I has been quite a bustling site for months now , and still mostly drilling, digging and foundation work. Glad you found that one, it is exactly the site I was referring to my above comment.





Coming into the skyline now. From the ferry