NEW YORK | 125 Greenwich St | 912 FT | 72 FLOORS


I was also told completion is anticipated in Q4 of 2019. Units have been selling at a good clip. But a certain percentage of apartments will be held in reserve until after completion to maximize sell-out. In my ignorance I didn’t realize no developer wants all units to be sold before a building is complete.


Can you elaborate on that? I didn’t know this


Buyers who purchase units sight unseen while a building is still going up typically get more of a discount on price compared to buyers who have the benefit of seeing a completed unit. This increase is especially pronounced when a building has already sold out, say, 70-80% of its units before completion as it shows potential buyers that the building is highly desirable and there may be competition for the last remaining units.





Wow we need progress videos like this for all U/C projects.


This is turning out better than I expected.


I like it.



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125 Greenwhich can be seen on the right (right of 4 WTC). 111 Murray on the left. 1 M Square top left. If you look closely, one Seaport.

DSC_4064 by Rockjedi, on Flickr


Center shot ( (125 Greenwich). Call also see One Seaport (left) and 23 Park Row.

Also in the center, if you look closely, the Wall Street tower u/c.

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This looks good.


From my roof


From last week. This is turning out so much nicer than I expected. The glass looks great and the exposed concrete isn’t offensive to the eye.