NEW YORK | 125 Greenwich St | 912 FT | 72 FLOORS


Around 50 feet under it


This is rising quickly, I’d say top out by end of 2018.





Is the white colored cladding going to replace the concrete on the north face once the lift and extras are down, or will it be concrete? I’d assume the former but I’m still curious


Awesome shots!


This is starting to look really good. The glass is so smooth and flawless.




49/72, 68%


Who would have thought just a short time ago that a residential ground-up in FiDi would be going for prices like that? Developers are rapidly filling the void left, in part, by the exodus of Wall Street firms. And this seems to be merely the beginning as I’ve heard whispers of even more new developments in the area.




From today:




How does that concrete wall look in person?


Not good imo. It’s a necessary evil but I wish they’d cover it like they did at 45 E22.




Great shots, Tec.

That heinous school needs to meet the wrecking ball ASAP.