NEW YORK | 125 Greenwich St | 912 FT | 72 FLOORS


I guess they were going for the prison cell block look with that building.


Taken by asir2013 on Flickr:

This thing is flying! :smiley:
Have a good weekend!


This building is lucky! When it’s complete it will have a giant mirror next to it to admire itself. :sweat_smile:




I was afraid of the blank wall, but this looks promising!


The wall looks clean



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36/72, 50% of the floors are complete


The 1st setbacks are at 462.4 feet and the halfway point is at 456 feet, so it’s few floor floors away from the halfway point!


I love that Courtyard next door.

This area is cleaning up nicely. Long overdue!



Wish they’d cover the blank wall with glass like at 45 East 22nd.


Taken today.


NIce shot, B-man!



Clearly visible from JC already. I was just thinking it was kinda nice to not have any cranes in the skyline downtown ( from jc), but that didnt last long.