NEW YORK | 125 Greenwich St | 912 FT | 72 FLOORS


Nice shots!


they’re wasting no time with this!


Concrete pump and construction elevator going up


High resolution images




Nice sbots, Tec


After a lengthy time of being dormant this building is starting to rise quickly. Kinda similar to the pace of 111 Murray.


Thought the GC was the same as 111 Murray (Plaza) but it’s Time Square.


Job was supposed to be Plaza’s, but after the money issues the owner insisted it going non-union. Plaza at the time wouldn’t commit to Non-union work so they finished the foundation and turned it over to Time Square.


Wow so it’s currently non union? That’s unfortunate.


Tower crane being erected


The correct term should be Open Shop, not necessarily non union. But I hear what you are saying.


Got it.


Crane is up!



WOW!!! Looks great!



I’ve come to like Vinoly. 432 Park is awesome, and 281 Fifth is great too.


Same here. I also think his waterline sq tower will turn out nice, as well as the cantilevered office building down on 9th ave.


I agree, JC. I forgot about those other projects.

It’s funny. Atlanta and Dallas are allegedly “big” cities, yet they go wild about small projects the size of the boutique office buildings by the High-Line and on Lafayette. There’s so much in NY that I forgot about the Prince Lumber site.