NEW YORK | 125 Greenwich St | 912 FT | 72 FLOORS


they seem to have cheapened the base. What a shame, it looked grand in previous renderings.


Updated diagram and progress diagram


All these new renderings posted look great!

From a few days ago


Great shots! Does anyone know if a crane will be set up for this building?


Nice shots, JC



1/3rd the way up the podium: 35/97.6 feet


2/72 floors, 2%



(Click for full image)


1st terrace: 3,454.7 FT^2
2nd and 3rd terrace West: 761.5 FT^2
2nd and 3rd terrace East: 444.7 FT^2


New 3d model accurate with the DOB NYC pdf


3d model with actual photos


The Sphere sculpture looks great!


Great photos, Tom! I bet by this time next year, this tower will be nearing completion (given how fast 111 Murray rose)


Depends on the builders, which I hope is the same people


The 66th floor will be open to residents of the building with a floor height of 34.3 feet and above the streets at 792.2 feet.

The views

This area will have chairs right in front of the windows to enjoy the view and will have a pool on the west side and on the east side is a gym, which will have treadmills also in front of the windows


Crane spotted
Moving onto the 5th floor



5/72, 6%


A floor height of 34.3 ft! That’s wild


Pics I took from 2 days ago.