NEW YORK | 125 Greenwich St | 912 FT | 72 FLOORS


Shvo might be headed to the hoosegow, so that might have something to do with the pace.


Shvo is just a name on this. The money comes from Bizzi and Lorber.


Correct! SHVO just has a minor stake.


I’m wondering if this is a super tall now? I’ve seen the figure of 1,017 feet thrown around.


Where have you heard that


His role on the project is largely for Shvo.


Mentions 1,017 ft but it also states 2018 completion which is possible if they move on it and it finishes lets say Q4 of 2018.


Passed by today, no workers on scene…this procjet must have a permit or finance problem.


Seen from the One World Observatory
I made a 3d model on my laptop and put it on one of my photos


Any construction updates?

Also, I find it funny how this project initially started out at 800-900ft, then was increased to 1,350ft and eventually kept getting height cuts down to where it had started.


I walked by on Nov 28th, and “All’s Quiet On The Western Front.”



The site has been cleaned up since october. Still no crane and no activity.


Looks like this project is stalled…


Original image by Earthcam


I’m glad this looks stalled, the design is awful.


It’s not stalled. Apparently, it’s starting soon.




Too bad, this building is an eye sore.