NEW YORK | 125 Greenwich St | 912 FT | 72 FLOORS


Yes, South Jersey




I’ll be staying for 2 days in the Millennium Hilton on the 14-15th or the 21-22nd


That’s cool! Lucky you! :smile:
That hotel has great views of the World Trade Center! You will certainly take great shots no matter which high floors you stay!


Excited to see this one rise.
Robert is right. Curved façades are quite elegant and honestly the city could use a few more.



Nice! It appears to be above street level!


Here we go!


I walked by on Aug 3rd. This is above street level!


I wonder if the whole structure is 895’ or just the highest occupied floor.

“…The resulting parallelogram-shaped residential floor plates rise up a height of 274 meters (898 feet), in a prism that captures nearby and distant views for residents…”

It seems to be slightly shorter than 4 WTC. At a minimum, it’s clearly less than 1,000’ tall.


Very nice finds, robertwalpole!! :smiley::thumbsup:


Thx, Dragon!


eyeballing it the height looks to be around 950’. Four WTC is 977’


Damn Rob, you beat me to it!


Vinoly needs to make a damn decision…


This is the design, Tom.


Does anyone have figures on the height/floors. I think there’s no point in getting our hopes up with the 1,356 ft and 91 floor figures. Starting to think that’s long gone. Shvo has disappointed.

Its a shame 125 Greenwich can’t be like its competition (45 Broad and 80 South). Set to rise down the line.


I’m happy with 900-1,000 feet. This is a decent building, but not amazing. I would not want this to rise 1,300’.


I agree, It would have messed with the fengshui of the world trade center cluster.


I concur. Assuming that 80 South St will be a spectacular ShOP tower, I eagerly welcome a 1,400’+ height. However, as Vinoly’s design is merely good, 900-1,000’ is more than enough.

I’d gladly take a 1,350’ version of 111 Murray or 50 West but not 125 Greenwich.