NEW YORK | 1241 Broadway | 318 FT | 20 FLOORS


Hopefully, the developer can acquire these three pieces of junk on 6th, which are on the west end of the site. They would have been nice at one time but will never be restored at this point. This, I’d like to see them go.


I wouldn’t mind the whole block being demo’d the one tallish building in the middle looks like a wall of crap from 30th and down


I think that the tall building is decent.

I think it’s a stretch to get those junky little buildings. I’d be happy if that was the extent of this project.


A great update by Yimby. Sadly, it seems that the adjacent mierda on Sixth Ave. is not coming down.


I hope that this turns out ok. It’s a shame that the adjacent garbage on 6th isn’t coming down.


looks like 432 Park if it were an office building from the 50s. Very much in line with SOM’s modernist history.


It looks pretty nice, but it really will be a shame if the filthy little pieces of junk on 6th remain. Maybe with some luck, the rats in Gregory’s coffee will eat through electrical wires, causing a fire, and burning it down together with the PoS next door.


Tthe rat story made me laugh out loud. lol

Gregory coffee rats are natures arsonists. Amped up on cafe con leche


These developers should retain whoever was responsible for the fire at small building by HFZ’s 29th St site.


Excavator on site


Another great article by Yimby.


I’d wish the Landmark Commission would have higher standards.

You shouldn’t be able to desecrate beautiful historical buildings like this.

Source: Google Maps


This area is going from shlock to swank quickly. The junk tenants will be booted.


I don’t really understand how these places can stay in business. Is there really such high demand for wholesale perfume, wigs, and crappy jewelry? I’ve always assumed there’s something shady going on with these shops.

A beautiful flower store and a takeout Japanese food stand replaced two of these crappy stores on 30th and 6th already (where Noma and Virgin hotel are).


Excavation has started.