NEW YORK | 123 Linden Boulevard | 289 FT | 26 FLOORS


This is in Flatbush, Brooklyn.


Decent replacement.


they’re not demolishing that building, thankfully. This is being built right in front.


It’s gone.


oh. Well that sucks. It was a nice building. I thought I read awhile back that they weren’t going to demolish it. Maybe I misremembered.

edit: apparently I didn’t. It was a YIMBY article I read that info from.

A century-old, Colonial Revival nursing home currently occupies the property, and the developer plans to build in front of the historic structure rather than demolishing it[/quote]

It was built in 1918. I don’t feel ok about it.



Wow. A much improved design compared to the previous renderings. And now 26 floors and 467 apartments!










This thing looms huge in the neighborhood. I feel nimbyish.