NEW YORK | 1205-1227 Broadway | 476 FT | 38 FLOORS




On the left.

DSC_4481 by Rockjedi, on Flickr


Pic by me.

Taken last night.

20181208_201208 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr




Can see it via Times Square.

If your looking towards Herald Square in the distance or center left of screenshot.




This area has so much potential. Looking forward to the future.


I agree. There are tons of beautiful old buildings.


They’re slowly making progress on the facade. The lower floors have the larger green-tinted glass while the main tower has a darker clear glass and the random colored panels. I didn’t notice the colored panels in the original rendering but if you examine it closer they’re there. One strange detail is in the bottom right of the photo they painted the concrete with horizontal stripes.


Very nice!



I had another photo from far away but my phone died as I was taking it. When I go back, I’ll get more photos.