NEW YORK | 1205-1227 Broadway | 476 FT | 38 FLOORS


281 5th in background

From 6th ave. Does the shape look different compared to the renderings?


I know podiums often go slowly, but jeez…


the base does look convoluted in the rendering




Interesting how the concrete seems to be a different shade on each floor and that there is still exposed rebar on floor #2 on the 29th street side


In other words. Very little progress.


This is dragging.


5th floor is sorta underway









Great shot, Blackhole.

I won’t be happy until this garbage across the street is gone.


Yeah, this stretch of Broadway is a mixed bag.

The city could really benefit from some kind of sign/awning code that would get rid of the disgusting signs and deli awnings that pepper the city. That, coupled with actually reigning in the 280 miles of scaffolding in the city would do wonders to the aesthetics of the place.


This stretch of Broadway has been very forlorn for a long time, but is gentrifying rapidly. There are mostly gorgeous, old buildings, but there’s enough crap mixed in. Hopefully, it will be gone soon.


@robertwalpole Spot on. This place has soooo much potential, amazing architecture, history, and not a grid like street layout. With additionals like the Ace, Smith & the Nomad, it’s slowly starting to become the new trendy area of midtown. But still has a while to go.


I agree, City.


Is this where the Ritz Carlton tower is planned? I’m almost certain there’s a development planned for this block.


You may be referring to the planned tower by Vinoly, which will be located a few blocks down from here.