NEW YORK | 1205-1227 Broadway | 476 FT | 38 FLOORS


Nice photos , ilny and jc


Digging is still ongoing. The first piece of the crane has arrived.



Nice shots!


pretty sure you could have hired a group of 15 men with nothing but a shovel and they could have gotten this far in a year.


One hell of a hole.




Great shots. This one seems like its been below grade for ages. Good to see some increased activity.


Finally U/C!

Thanks for the shots


Oh wow, they had to build a secant pile wall around the adjacent buildings. That would explain some of the delay. Is that common with this type of building?


Nice shots, Seamus.

I took these of the nearby gems the other day.


Crane is up. I don’t understand why so early since most of the foundation is incomplete.


Nice shot, NYC!


I believe the crane is for the condo building going up next to it, 50 W 30th St ‘The NOMA’


This project is causing a ridiculous amount of traffic due to the street closure.


Here is a close up from today.




Nice shots, Tec