NEW YORK | 115 Nassau St (5 Beekman) | 687 FT | 47 FLOORS



Think that’s the first picture I’ve seen that actually makes that building look half decent


They finally have all of the little screen parts in place on the façade facing the East River, although for some unfathomable reason they neglected to paint the concrete black behind the screens, so the concrete is much more visible than it should be. It’s ugly. They just can’t get anything right with this mess of a building.


The only things remaining on the exterior are the main condo entrance at street level, and the penthouse balcony railings.


Maybe the absence of railings is intentional so you can throw yourself off the balcony once you realize the building you live in is a piece of crap


They did finally install balcony railings.

They’re also working to finish up the condo entrance. (The plywood wall there recently came down.)


Completed balconies:


I like it. The back wall is pretty terrible but it will soon be covered up from most sides except certain angles from the south.


Stone work is going in around the condo entrance.




Throwing stones at glass houses is not in my playbook. However in this case I think they should throw as much stone at this as possible - I’m thinking mausoleum here





this building has so many incongruities and aesthetic problems - but for me, the least forgiving is the stupid hollow parapet things at the top…shit looks like it’s made from PVC tubes and duct tape - i guess they were going for that perpetually under construction look


Didnt think this could get any uglier. I was wrong.



Such a shame…


25 Park Row u/c will help mask some of the damage that has occurred. We can only hope taller towers rise near it to hide it. This tower does not deserve to be so close to Woolworth. Its more in tune in the lower 30’s with all of the multi-colored hotels by Sam Chang’s cronies and Kaufman.


What a mess of colossal proportions.
The devil building popping out of lower manhattan with its 2 horns.
The demon of bad design

All I’m hoping for is that someone in a few years will have the common sense to remove whatever they are calling those 2 shits on the roof.
Clean up this mess a little


I found the inspiration for this building: